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Descriptions of Color Differences & Identification

1. Peafowl vs. Peacock and More Terms

2. Peafowl Varieties

3. Peafowl Close-Up

4. Differences in the Green Peafowl Vs. the India Blue Peafowl

5. Peacock or Peahen?

6. Peafowl Sound Clips


Food :

1. Feeding Peafowl

2. Treats for Peafowl

(published in Peafowl Today's May 2014 issue)

3. Feeding Locations

(published in Peafowl Today's May 2014 issue)

4. Providing Calcium

Being Your Peafowl's Vet:

1. Knowing When a Peafowl is Sick

2. Safeguard Worming Reference (Special thanks to Kathy)

3. Mites On Peafowl

(published in Peafowl Today's September 2014 issue)

4. Fixing Crooked Toes on a Peachick

Other :

1. Breeding Plan

2. Peafowl Predators

3. Catching Peafowl

4. Transporting Peafowl

5. Neighbors & Peafowl

6. Taming Peafowl

7. Best Age to Buy Peafowl

8. Peacocks Fighting

9. Noisy Peacocks

10. Birds that Can be Kept With Peafowl

11. Free-Ranging

12. Dust Bathing

Aviary Design

1. Pen Building Info

2. Building a Covered Shelter

3. Inspiration for an Aviary

4. Landscaping Your Aviary

Green Peafowl

I currently own one Imperator green peafowl peachick but I do enjoy regularly reading things about greens and looking at photos of green peafowl in the wild and in captivity.

1. The Dragon Birds' Plight

(If you would like to see the video version of this paper visit the videos page, but the article has more information. This article was published in Peafowl Today but the photos printed with it in their article were not supposed to be with this article.)

2. The Search For Green Peafowl

3. Ready for Green Peafowl? - Read this if you don't have green peafowl but want them.


1. How I Got Started With Peafowl

(An article of mine that was published in Peafowl Today.)

2. The Joy of That First Peachick

(An article of mine that was published in Peafowl Today.)

3. Copying Peafowl Photos

Visting Other Bird Keepers/Breeders/Aviculturists

1. Bird Man

2. Boo For You

3. Monica

4. Rocking B-A-B Ranch