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Bird Man

Glenn Morris

Bird Man is what we refer to Glenn as, but in person we do not call him Bird Man. Bird Man has many rare birds but he also has more common birds like different types of chickens. I have bought an India Blue peahen (Pip) from him and a wonderful Pied peacock (Dragon) from him, but sadly after owning these birds for 2 or 3 years some raccoons broke in and killed them. Bird Man raises peafowl, ducks, chickens, geese, and also different kinds of exotic pheasants and all of these birds are in his backyard, which is not that large so there are all these birds everywhere. Glenn takes very good care of his birds and all of his birds are fun to watch running around and in the summer you will see peahens nesting under his feed barn. I always see something different when I visit. Sometimes you see new birds or new pens. Recently thought Glenn has added a great purenees puppy to his collection of animals. The great purenees is to help protect all of his birds. Bird Man is surounded by woods so predators like coyoties, bobcats, opossums, raccoons, owls, and hawks can be a problem. The dog will hopefully help Glenn control the predator issues he has been having lately. Every bird keeper has to deal with predators at some point and Bird Man is no exception unfortunately. Also recently his free-range peafowl flock has gotten smaller. When I last visited it seemed like there were a lot of peahens but not many peacocks. I think it has been a combination of predators and buyers that have diminished the free-ranging peafowl flock, but when there were more peacocks it was a wonderful sight to see all of these peacocks displaying and turning. When one would call, all of the others would call too. The main noise at Glenn's are the guinea fowl. The guineas make a lot of noise. It is neat to hear the other birds call and especially to see some of the exotic pheasants display. Pheasants like the Red Golden pheasant and the Grey Peacock pheasant are some of the pheasants in the row of exotic pheasant pens. To the back behind the feed building are the smaller pens with things like peafowl and turkeys. Then there is a small row of pens with aquatic birds (most of the ducks and gueese are free-range) and then there is another area with lots of chicken pens.

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