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Boo For You

This was the start to my peafowl owning adventure after a friend told me about this bamboo garden that had a bunch of peafowl. Unfortunately they no longer have tons of peafowl nor did they when I first visited. Boo For You has one peacock but they have some chickens and guineafowl. Boo For You is a a wonderful bamboo garden that sells many varieties of bamboo and other plants. The birds I think are just a hobbie.

When you drive down a residential road all of a sudden you see bamboo and the Boo For You sign. When you turn into their drive you drive down a gravel road lined with all sorts of tropical plants, mainly bamboo. Many times when you park you see a small group of guineafowl scurrying around amongst the bamboo leaf forest floor. The chickens walk through the bamboo forest with their chicks. You will eventually find the peacock somwhere amidst the plants.

It is a beautiful atmosphere for birds! Also, it is the place that got me started with bamboo so I guess it has really helped inspire The Bamboo Peacock!