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I spent lots of years dreaming about owning peafowl before I was able to get some, so I have had plenty of time to find some great peafowl websites. Many of them I still visit very regularly.

*I go by the screen name MinxFox on the bird forums*


The United Peafowl Association (UPA) - A large group of people who own from just a few peafowl to hundreds of peafowl. Their website has lots of good information and also a wonderful breeder directory organized by state.



Backyard Chickens (BYC)- A huge forum mainly dedicated to raising chickens but it also has a very fun peafowl section. People reply quickly on this forum and everyone is very nice. You can ask questions or post peafowl photos, etc. It is at least worth a look.


The UPA Forum- This is the United Peafowl Association forum. Unlike Backyard Chickens, the main focus of this website is peafowl. This forum helped me save a peachick that was hatching the wrong way so it is another valuable resource.


Informative Peafowl Websites

Peafowl Image Database - A great resource in the making for seeing photos of ALL peafowl varieties. There are already a few databases out there for peafowl photos, yet none have been able to collect photos of every single variety. Visit this site and contribute any photos you have taken of your peafowl so that we can build up this database so that everyone can have a great quick reference guide!


Breeder Websites

Blue Creek Aviaries - This breeder is a friend of mine that I met on the BYC forum and he is an outstanding artist, photographer, and bird breeder. He raises different peafowl varieties as well as many ducks and pheasants. I had the pleasure of making his logo! I haven't bought anything from him, but from what I have seen he has wonderful customer service. He also has a Facebook page which is linked to in his website.


Read Mountain Peafowl- This breeder does not have a website, but they are on facebook and even if you are not on facebook you can see their page for their peafowl business. They mainly specialize in some of the most beautiful Pavo Muticus Muticus peafowl in the US. They have many beautiful photos of their green peafowl and you can easily compare their green peafowl to photos of wild green peafowl and see almost no difference! Their birds are that good.


Texaspeafowl- This peafowl breeder has wonderful high quality photos of their peafowl, and beautiful pens for their birds. They also breed some very amazing looking birds and post new photos every breeding season. It is worth a look to click through all the different pages reading the information and looking at the photos. Note that there are two Texas Peafowl's in Texas. The one I am talking about is Texaspeafowl (all one word) and the owner is Sid. Sid is very very helpful in answering questions.


Rocking B-A-B Ranch- Their website is nice but the photos on their website, in my oppionion, do not do this place justice because it is even more amazing in real life. They have lots of peafowl, and probably the most pure green peafowl in the US. They have imported many green peafowl from Wolfgang Mennig and have all three subspecies. Rocking B-A-B is also really good at breeding very tall spaldings. I have spoken to the manager, Josh, and he is very nice and helpful. He knows a lot about peafowl and definately knows some good information about green peafowl that he told me about as far as keeping them. Awesome place!

*New Website* http://rockingbabranch.com/

Hopkins' Alternative Livestock- A nice peafowl breeding website filled with information that is extremely useful that you don't find on all peafowl websites. Lots of photos and articles.


Other- There are tons of other peafowl websites, a good way to find some more is by googling "peafowl breeders" or "peafowl". Another way is using the UPA's breeder directory to find breeders who have a website listed and follow that link.

Breeders Outside of the US

European Peafowl breeder: The Peafowl-Farm- They have a very professional setup. They mainly specialize in breeding 2 subspecies of green peafowl. The Peafowl-Farm is working hard to conserve the green peafowl. They are very friendly.


European Peafowl breeder: Pavo-Muticus- This green peafowl breeder is the main source for imported green peafowl in the US. He raises 3 green peafowl subspecies.


Thailand Peafowl breeder: Prani Breeding Center- A green peafowl breeder located in Thailand, which is one place that green peafowl live in the wild. Their birds are from wild caught green peafowl and they are definitely pure. All of their birds are Thailand Imperators (Indo-Chinese green peafowl).


Other Bird Websites (non peafowl related)

Pinola Preserve - This place has some of the most amazing aviaries ever. Their aviaries are nicer than most avairies you would see at a zoo. They mainly specialize in waterfowl, but they also raise other interesting birds like different types of parrots and pheasants.You have to look at their photo gallery!