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Monica is who I got my first peafowl from. When a local zoo closed down, Monica got to have all of the zoo peafowl and so I was able to buy zoo peafowl from Monica.

Monica has lots of peafowl, many of which are free-range. She has an automatic feeder that feeds them. They can venture off into the woods and around the backyard and sometimes they even go down the street to a neighbor's house to eat the peacans that got chopped up after the neighbors mowed their yard. Monica will sometimes catch up a few of the peafowl to pen for breeding season to get the varieties she wants.

Monica has many cool peafowl stories like how some of her peacocks have scared away a stray dog that visited the house and also how her peacocks fended off a hawk that caught one of Monica's chickens. The peacocks scared away the hawk, saving the chicken's life.

Monica also has red goldens, guineapigs, turkeys, hunting dogs, horses, gueese, ducks, and she probably has new things too since I have not visited her in a while.