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To the left of this you can see all of the varieties I have and if you click on each variety, you can see photos of it as well as information about that variety.

The 2015 breeding season is over. To see past breeding plans check this page: Breeding Plan

Meet My Peafowl:


Alto is a 7 year old India Blue peacock from a lady named Monica. I got Alto as a yearling peacock after my first peacock ran away. Alto has worked his way up to being the Alpha bird of the flock although this year he was equally matched by my spalding white peacock Frosty. Alto is certainly ready for me to finish two new aviaries so that he will finally no longer have to share his domain with other males. Durring the breeding season when Alto is not displaying, he isolates himself from the group by going into the metal shed ontop of the nest boxes for some relaxation and preening. When it comes to peahens, Alto seems to perfer peahens with more color. He loves India Blue peahens but unfortunately Alto has had a tragic past in which all of his favorite beautiful girlfriends have perished. First it was Pip, an India Blue peahen I bought just for him that was killed by raccoons, then it was Xena, a tough and beautiful peahen who died of an illness that I treated but she still didn't make it. Alto has even been bitten on the neck by a raccoon and survived. He is a tough peacock and a wonderful alpha.

I am very happy that Alto won the 2014 Most Striking Domestic Male Fowl Contest on Backyard Chickens. Member Zazouse also won first place with a photo of her pretty pied peacock. Here is the photo that won first place and 5 coupons for 5 free bags of Nutriena Nature Wise or Country Poultry feed:


Ice is from the Gulf Breeze Zoo and I estimate her to be 8 years old. Since she is from the zoo, I never fully knew her background and so I figured out in 2014 that Ice is not just a blackshoulder, she is split to white or pied because she has a few small white flight feathers that are only noticable when she streatches. Ice is an original bird from when I first got peafowl. She is the first peahen I got and she is also one of the bossiest birds. Ice is a big peahen and she is the alpha female of the pen. Ice has also proved to be a great mother. She hatched and raised Snow White.


Damsel is a 7 year old India Blue peahen. I suspect she might actually be a low % spalding pied. After I got into peafowl, I started liking the looks of pied peafowl. I really wanted a pied peafowl pair. Damsel was the first pied peafowl I got and I bought her from Walden's Peafowl. When I brought her home she was a very flighty yearling and I couldn't get close to her thus the name Damsel because she was like a damsel in distress. Eventually she tamed down and now just like the other peafowl, she eats out of my hand. Damsel is still a bit spookier than the other peafowl, and that is understandable since I did not hand raise her myself.


Peep is my peababy! Peep is a VERY special 5 year old dark pied peacock because he was the first bird I hatched out. I put two peafowl eggs from my birds in the incubator and only one egg developed. That egg was Peep's egg. There were challenges hatching Peep that you can read about here: The Joy of that First Peachick. Peep was and still is imprinted to me so he thinks I am his mom while I suspect his real mom is Damsel and I know that his father was Dragon, an India Blue pied peacock that has passed away. Every day when I drive to go feed the peafowl Peep asks to be pet and I pet him and give him attention. Unfortunately Peep is at he bottom of the male pecking order because he cannot fight at all. I am going to build him his own pen so he will not have to worry about other males. Peep is a very funny peacock and my favorite thing to watch him do is to eat yougurt off of a stick. I love Peep a lot and I can't wait to breed him to Shyanne, a pretty white peahen he grew up with and does well with.


This 5 year old spalding white peacock is certainly a character. Frosty's sisters are Shyanne and Goldilocks, the later sister I sold. All three spalding whites were wee little peachicks when a friend of my dad gave them to me. I raised them up with Peep, who was not very accepting of the smaller chicks. Peep was always the alpha of their young peafowl group, but this year Frosty rose to power kicking Peep's butt and harrassing him too much. The two boys who I once thought were friends became enemies this breeding season. Frosty is an amazing fighter and he even gave Alto a very good fight for dominance. I wanted a white peacock becasue I wanted to enjoy the beautiful white display of a white peacock, but Frosty never liked displaying infront of me. I would hide and he would start displaying, but if he saw me he would stop. Eventually at the end of the breeding season he gave me the show I wanted to see and soon after shed his train. Oh and Frosty loves to take naps in the shade and in the sun. He is lazy, but quick to come running for food.

Frosty won 3rd place in a Peafowl Photo Contest held in April 2015. Frosty made this 3rd place win possible with a uniqe pose he made when he was lying down and decided to open up his train while relaxing. Here is the 3rd place winning photo:


Shyanne is a 5 year old spalding white and her brother is Frosty. Shyanne's name used to describe her perfectly. She used to be more shy and was too afraid to take food from my hand. Her sister was bolder but when I sold her sister, Shyanne took her sister's place and became as bold or bolder than her sister. Of all the peafowl Shyanne is probably the quickest to run and grab food from my hand. Peep is not quick to do so because he is more interested in being pet. Shyanne is fun to hand feed because I like how enthusiastically she takes food and runs to get it. Shyanne is ranked third in peahen ranks so I guess that would make her a subordinate as she must submit to Ice and Damsel, the older peahens.


(Newer photo to come soon - He has really colored out since this peachick photo of him)

This stunning Imperator (Indo-Chinese Green) peacock was given to me on June 4th, 2015 when he was 3 days old. He needed to have his toes and feet straightened out for a few days. Because I got him when he was so young he imprinted to me! He is now almost a year old this year (2016). Raptor might be younger than my other peacocks, but he already towers over them due to being a green peafowl, which are taller birds than India Blues and their varieties. Raptor has a very outgoing personality, and he is very similar to Peep, my very first imprinted peacock, in that he follows me around and loves getting attention from me. Raptor does allow me to pet him and he likes being pet. Raising Raptor has been an interesting process because he is the first green peafowl I have ever had. I have been seeing first hand differences in him versus India Blue varieties in the way he acts. I find him to be smarter, and also not so easily intimidated like other peafowl. A common description people give to green peafowl is "flighty". I have not found Raptor to be flighty at all and this is probably in part due to me hand raising him and exposing him to many different sights and sounds. Another description, for green males in particular, is that they can be agressive and it is not advised to hand raise one because of this. So far Raptor is turning out to be a very gentle, friendly peacock so I hope he will continue to give his breed a good name and not live up to the stereotypes.


(Photo to come soon - Just need to add watermark & resize)

This cute split to white peahen was the first peahen I imprinted. She is a bit younger than Raptor but she was hatched in the same year (2015). Flip-Flop is the offspring of my own peafowl and I had originally intended to sell her. Flip-Flop's name hints at the rough start she had as a newly hatched peachick. When she hatched, not only were her feet curled but she was holding her legs out sideways. We did a lot of reasearch trying to figure out how to fix her leg problem, and we ended up comming up with our own solution which was to take a sock, cut out holes in the bottom of it for her legs, a hole for her butt, and a hole for her head, and suspend her in the sock. While in the sock we had her legs bound together so that they were forced to be held the propper way and not out to the side. She cried a lot when she was kept this way, but it was nessicary to fix her legs so that she would not die or be crippled for the rest of her life. Luckily, her legs eventually were fixed and we straightened her toes using homemade peachick shoes. With all of this one on one time handeling her she of course imprinted to us. When she was finally strong enough we kept her in the same peachick pen as Raptor, since they were very close in age. At first they did not like each other, but soon they became good friends. I like to joke that Flip-Flop got all of Raptor's green peafowl side, because green peafowl are said to be easily spooked, yet Raptor does not act spooked. Flip-Flop on the other hand does get easily spooked and when she is spooked she runs/jumps around flapping her wings. She is a very soft little peahen and while she enjoys being pet, she perfers a very gentle touch and usually wants to be pet by one hand onlybottom