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Peafowl Varieties

To make things easier for everyone, I have created a chart showing all of the different India Blue peafowl varieties. This chart shows the basic varieties and not the more complex varieties such as "Midnight black-shoulder pied". You should note that the patterns and colors can be mixed together, just like the complex example I just gave. There are always more peafowl varieties being created, so I will try and update this chart regularly with new varieties.

PLEASE NOTE: I created this chart. I drew everything, colored it, etc. My chart is not meant to be free for others to use for logos, promoting an event, etc. The purpose of this chart is to create an easier way to visualize all of the varieties. The sole reason I have put this up on the internet is to help educate and inform people in a nice visual way.

Click the image to see it larger.

More charts to come! Eventually I will have a spalding peafowl chart and a green peafowl chart!