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The Search For Green Peafowl

Picture search green peafowl on the internet. If you get the same results as I do, you will see that there are some good photos of real green peafowl, but mixed in will be a few Spalding birds. In reality, most of the very good green peafowl photos are ones taken at zoos, in the wild, photos of green peafowl that are not in the US, and only some are from a few pure green peafowl breeders in the US. It is a lot harder to find pure green peafowl in the United States because of more people selling Spaldings as greens and pure green peafowl breeders are sometimes hard to reach due to distance or just finding contact information for them can be hard.

Since I became interested in green peafowl I have had several offers from people trying to sell me some of their "green peafowl". Unfortunately, their green peafowl were actually Spaldings so I had to decline on the offers. For every one pure green peafowl breeder there must be 10 impure green peafowl breeders that are convinced that their birds are pure. I am not trying to pick on people but it is very hard for someone serious about getting green peafowl to keep on searching even when it seems like there is no hope of finding pure greens in the US.

I have avoided Spaldings by learning how to identify pure green peafowl thanks to some great green peafowl breeders overseas and their wonderful information. At first my search for green peafowl in the US was looking at peafowl breeder websites and seeing their photos of green peafowl. The downside to that is not all peafowl breeders have an internet presence. One way I have found new breeders is through searching old bird forum posts and seeing who people are recommending. Usually the only thing you find from that is a name, which can also make things difficult. Sometimes if you search (their name) peafowl you can find them but you never seem to find a website or photos (if you do find photos of their green peafowl, you normally don't find many). Even if you get a lead on a green peafowl breeder, sometimes they are too far away for you to get birds from them, but if they are the only person you can find, shipping may be the only option.

Searching for pure green peafowl can be tougher then you think, but do not give up! These birds need to be conserved and the value of keeping pure green peafowl to breed and conserve is far worth the time it may take to find a breeder. Good luck and watch out for Spaldings.

Do you know of a PURE green peafowl breeder in the US? You may know of someone I do not so please feel free to contact me to let me know of someone.