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Treats for Peafowl

There are many treats you can give to your peafowl that they will love. Some treats are great for teaching your birds to eat out of your hand. All of my peafowl eat out of my hand and it all started with a hand full of unshelled, unsalted peanuts. You can feed your peafowl fresh food, leftovers, or ferminted fruit. Here is a list of treats that peafowl (or at least my peafowl) like.

1. mealworms - can be dried or alive. My peafowl come running for mealworms and they gobble them up very quickly.

2. Tomatoes - Some of my peafowl like tomatoes more than others. My peacock Alto will take big mouthfulls of tomatoe.

3. Bananas - I give the peafowl bananas that are getting a little old. I break up the banana into bite size chunks for them. Sometimes they eat the banana, sometimes it will still be there the next day so it depends on their taste I guess.

4. Grass clipings - If your pen does not have grass your peafowl will love to have some grass clipings. I gave my nesting peahen a pile of grass and she was enjoying it. Oh and that is another thing: Always spoil your nesting peahens!

5. Lettuce - You can break off pieces of lettuce and throw it around the pen, hand feed it to the peafowl, or you can stick the head of lettuce in the fence for the birds to peck at.

6. Cabbage - Peafowl will also eat cabbage. They eat it cooked or un-cooked.

7. Berries - Blue berries and black berries are what I have fed mine, but they probably eat other kinds of berries too. They sometimes go nuts for berries.

8. Grapes - Sometimes you may have to cut up the grapes for peafowl. Sometimes my birds don't eat grapes but most of the time they do.

9. Pumpkin and pumpkin seeds - After halloween you can give your peafowl the carved pumpkins. The peafowl really love the stuff inside the pumpkin. You have to cut it open for them and maybe try sprinkling some sunflower seeds on the pumkin slices for an added treat!

10. Watermellon chunks or slices - The watermellon is easy for them to peck and they love this as a treat!

11. Apples - The only way mine eat apples is if they are in small chunks or if I use a grater to grate the apple into shavings.

12. Squash - The peafowl will eat cooked squash or eat it in pieces or shavings.

13. Cucumber - My peacock Peep likes to walk up to me when I am grating a cucumber and bite chunks off of the cucumber while I am trying to grate it! They love eating it.

14. Bread - All peafowl seem to love bread! White, wheat, or just about any kind of bread will be a great treat.

I am always giving my peafowl something new to try. They are good about at least trying something new and most of the time they like the food I give them. So try giving your peafowl different kinds of food to give them some variety and enrichment.