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For Sale

2016 Breeding Season is OVER

Important Info Before You Buy:

If you are a taxidermist or buying birds for a taxidermist to mount, do NOT buy from me. All of my birds are like children, and I would not want to sell them to someone that only wants to kill them and hang them on the wall. Trust me, peafowl are far better alive than dead.

Do lots of research about peafowl before you buy them on a whim!

Know the requirements for peafowl long before you buy them. I spent 2 or more years researching, and begging, for peafowl!

Terms & Conditions:

~ No Shipping local pick up only ~

Prices are subject to change with or without notice.

Last Updated: 11-15-16

2016 Breeding Season is OVER.

Remember, I am in the Florida panhandle and I do not ship.

To see what birds I am breeding, check out my Breeding Plan.

Eggs: The season is over there are no more eggs.

$10.00 Each

I cannot be responsible for eggs that do not hatch and will not re-fund for eggs that do not hatch. There are many variables that go into hatching eggs, one of which is what settings you are using for the incubator. I will sell you fertile eggs and make sure my peahens are getting enough calcium to produce healthy eggs/chicks to the best of my ability.

Peachicks: NONE

Cruelty Free Feathers

Click or hover over the photos for more info.

Train Feathers - $1.00 Each - Big supply!

Adult Peacock

Your choice of eye feathers, butterfly feathers, sword feathers, or a mix of all 3. Eye feathers available in Large - Medium - Small.


Wing Feathers- $1.00 Each

Adult Peacock

Small - Medium - Large feathers. Barred feathers & Blue-black feathers.


Saddle Feathers - $1.00 Each

Adult Peacock - In stock

Neck Feathers - $1.00 Each



Where Are My Feathers From?

I believe that as the buyer, you deserve to know where the feathers you buy are coming from. The feathers I sell are not cut or pulled off of the bird. I do not kill a bird just to get its feathers. I cannot say the same for all feather sellers unfortunately.

Train Feathers: At the end of the breeding season the peacocks shed ALL of their train feathers. The train feathers are the beautiful feathers they fan out for the peahens. Just one peacock can have more than 100 train feathers so there is no need to kill a peacock for train feathers when he sheds them all naturally after the breeding season.

Other than train feathers, the other feathers are shed at random times throughout the year. The peafowl never have big moults in which they are naked. The only major molt is the shedding of the peacock's train.

I go around the aviary and pick up feathers and leave the overly dirty or bent ones. There are so many feathers that I just can't keep them all, so if there is a specific one you are looking for I can start collecting them for you.

What Can Peafowl Feathers be Used For?

Peafowl feathers are great for fly tying lures, school projects, decoration, jewelry, cat toys, weddings, flower arrangements, photography, cosplay, Halloween, etc!

They come in many shapes and sizes making them easy to use for all sorts of projects!