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MinxFox Videos

My Youtube Channel is MinxFox. Please subscribe to my channel to keep up with any new videos. I also have some nature videos you can check out.

To watch these videos in High Definition (HD) click the gear button once you hit play on the video and select one of the qualities that says HD next to it. That way, the video will not be so fuzzy.

Video 1

Peacock Displaying

This first video was the first peafowl video I made. It mainly shows my peacock Alto displaying.


Video 2

A Dream Becomes Reality

This is one of the videos done for my ENC 1102 Final exam project. I took a paper I wrote and turned it into a video mainly talking about how the internet has helped me with peafowl.


Video 3

Dragon Birds' Plight-Drawing and Naration

This is the other video I did for my ENC 1102 final exam project. This video shows a time lapse of me drawing a green peacock as I talk about them. The naration was adapted from the paper I wrote, The Dragon Birds' Plight.

Video 4 

Peachick Outing

Taking my 2015 aditions to my flock out for bug catching and exercise.

The darker bird is Raptor, my first green peafowl (he is an Imperator). The other bird is Flip-Flop, the only peachick I hatched this year. She is an India Blue split to white or pied.